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Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management
  • June 24, 2019
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The issue of real estate investment management in Turkey is a concern for many investors residing in Turkey or abroad in terms of the ability to provide good investment options and the ability to follow up periodically. Some go to manage the property individually or through some personal knowledge, but many of our clients prefer to deal with us as a company specializing in real estate management and enjoy many of the advantages provided by the company through the Department of Real Estate Investment.

The Real Estate Investment Management Department provides an opportunity for investors to promote real estate through the company’s database, access to difficult-to-enter markets, provide high-quality management to the client, and provide common investment options that help promote real estate and maximize profitability.

To make understanding of what we are doing easier for new investors, you can do some of what JSWAR offers to customers:

  • We provide the appropriate tenant for your property, plus we will follow up all legal matters and related matters on your behalf.
  • We offer a number of projects that provide investors with a rent guarantee immediately after purchasing the property. We will direct you to the best offers available and most suited to your budget and bring you the best returns on investment.
  • After owning the unit, we make it easier for the customer to resell, whenever he wishes, our Investment Management Department offers you the most profitable offers and opportunities for you.
  • There are many real estate management options that our dear client can choose from. Whether it is the annual rent, or the tourist hotel, a concept that has now started to spread widely in new emerging projects, especially in Istanbul.